Thomas's Outdoors - 2019/2020


Welcome to Thomas’s Outdoors! The Exploration Society have been working with Thomas’s schools since 2011 to deliver a range of adventurous activities, outdoor training and residential trips that provide pupils with frequent, challenging, enjoyable and safe opportunities to learn outdoors. Thomas’s has always believed in the benefits of learning beyond the classroom and recognise that outdoor education offers children unique opportunities and experiences that cannot be taught within the constraints of their everyday education and surroundings. The programme we run is now offered to all year groups across all four schools. This page is designed to show the progression of the programme and to give further information about each stage.

Thomas’s Outdoors Policy

  • Woodland Adventure: Reception - Year 2

    Woodland Adventure is a blend of Forest School and curriculum themed sessions run in the forest at Wimbledon Common. Each child comes out every half term and gets 6 sessions over the course of the year. Sessions are run by ESOC instructors with support from Thomas's teachers and draw on the topics being covered in class at that point.

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  • Young Explorers:Base Camp - Year 3 and 4

    The first part of the Young Explorers programme is similar to Woodland Adventure but introduces more problem solving elements and more complex curriculum tasks. In Year 3, pupils have a half-day session 6 times a year at Wimbledon Common.
    In Year 4 the schedule changes and the frequency of sessions increases so each child has 10 half-day sessions over the course of the year. This allows us to begin foundation training in a wide range of outdoor activities including watersports, bushcraft, first aid and rock climbing.

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  • Young Explorers:Ascent Group - Year 5 and 6

    During Year 5 and 6, the Exploration Society delivers 3 whole-day activities which follow on and develop skills learnt in the Yr 4 programme including Bushcraft, Watersports and Navigation. The longer session allow us to explore different areas and to explore these areas in more depth. In the Lent term, pupils in these year groups have the opportunity to go to Thomas's Daheim in Austria.

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  • Young Explorers: Summit Team - Year 7 and 8

    The culmination of the Young Explorers programme is the Summit Team. The programme is built around the practical and life skills they will have already learnt but here pupils will apply these skills to realistic challenges and scenarios where the emphasis is on collective problem solving, leadership & teamwork. The year 8's will look to expand their knowledge and understanding of Leadership, communication and creativity, along with developing a variety of hard skills.

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