Team Building

The Great Egg Race

A selection of old school Team Building activities that will get your group engaging their critical thinking and working together to achieve their goals. Swamp Cross, Drainpipe, Hook, Line and Sinker and just some of the games that you'll compete in.
Full day / 1/2 day

Dragon's Apprentice

Challenge your team to use their negotiating and design skills in this fun and challenging mix of Dragon's Den and The Apprentice. Aquire capital, develop concept, actualise your idea, and then pitch to the investors in order to win in this challenge.
Full day / 1/2 day

Activity Carousel

Engage with one of our activity carousels. Designed to your specification, your teams can try their hand at Rifle Shooting, Archery, Axe Throwing, Laser Battles and more with the added bonus of some healthy competition.
Full day / 1/2 day

Trebuchet Building

Teams start with small prototypes and then finish with full scale working trebuchets using our purpose built kits capable of throwing tennis balls up to 50 ms! The simplicity is deceptive considering that it was the most formidable of the siege machines.
1/2 day

Laser Extreme

As well as using state of the art laser guns to battle other teams, we add in enemy snipers who have to be caught, tokens to find, puzzles to solve to gain extra ammunition and equipment and actors playing veterans who can be enlisted for help and advice.
1/2 day

Raft Building

Challenge your teams to compete to build the best raft they can with the equipment supplied. We'll teach you the knots required and then it's down to you. Once the raft is complete it will be time to get out on the water and enter into some healthy competition.
Full day / 1/2 day


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