School Activity Days
  • Treasure Hunts

    Our Treasure Hunts, Mysteries and Challenges provide an excellent way for pupils to develop their leadership, teamwork and critical thinking skills as they must work to solve puzzles and navigate the game area. Our activities can also provide a great opportunity for pupils to experience museums and landmarks in an engaging and creative way as well as allowing them to explore and discover areas they might otherwise overlook.

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  • Mysteries

    CSI Murder Mysteries can be run in almost any location and require the young sleuths to locate and interview suspects to ascertain their Means, Motive and Opportunity before gathering together to make their case. Or try our Cluedo inspired Murder Mystery which can be run at many public museums or galleries. The investigators are informed of a murder and must use witness statements and forensic evidence to deduce which room, which weapon and which suspect were involved in the crime

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  • Problem Solving Carousels

    These events can be run in almost any school hall, playground or local park. Small teams are asked to work together, either on a succession of diverse challenges which require lateral thought and communication to solve or on one multi-faceted problem, with the whole team designing and building a vehicle with a precise brief and limited materials.

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  • Woodland Skills

    An extension of our Forest School programme, this activity works best in a small woodland but some elements can be run on school playing fields. The skills covered would include whittlings, fire lighting, campfire cooking, making natural cordage and camouflage and concealment games

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  • Watersports Training

    The Exploration Society can run canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding session at a variety of locations around Cambridge and London. These work either as a one-off taster today or a structured course where pupils work towards their BCU * awards

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  • Navigation Training

    The ability to follow a map and relate the world around you to a graphical representation is a key life skill and gives young people confidence to operate in more remote environments. Our navigation training is delivered by qualified Mountain Leaders and covers a range of navigational skills such as using bearings, pacing and topographical features.

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  • Trebuchet Building

    Small groups are led through a design and realisation process which starts with research and planning, moves through making small scale prototypes and working models before culminating in the building of full scale working trebuchets!

  • Cooking Class

    Another key life skill and something we place huge emphasis on while away on Expedition, learning to cook should form part of every young person's education. We are able to set up a temporary kitchen in any well ventilated room or outdoors and teach the children a range of simple but tasty recipes which they can go away and practice at home.

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