Team Building

A selection of activities designed to facilitate team development in an entertaining fashion. All of the activities below can be packaged up to deliver a unique experience tailored to you and in locations across the UK…

For The Great Outdoors…­­


Our Top Laser Combat Challenge! Designed to be the world's best outdoor team building event! It is a truly immersive experience. Challenges encourage navigation, problem solving and collective thinking, ensuring each guest plays a pivotal role in their team's success.

The Famous ESOC Activity Carousel

Engage with one of our carousels. Designed to your specification, your teams can try their hand at Shooting, Archery, Axe Throwing, Laser Battles and more with the added bonus of some healthy competition. This can also incorporate a range of traditional team building activities.

The Barter Challenge

Can you beg, borrow and barter your way up from a simple paper clip to a priceless Diamond? Plotting out the quickest and most efficient path between trades, teamwork and communication will also be vital to a group's successful completion of the challenge.

Archery Combat Game

This fast paced team game is sure to set the pulses racing. Whether you are tearing through the forest and dodging past trees or engaging in a wide game in an open space, Archery Tag is perfect for pitting teams against each other in a truly competitive setting.

The Great Raft Build Race

Challenge your teams to compete to build the best raft they can with the equipment supplied. We'll teach you the knots required and then it's down to you. Once the raft is complete it will be time to get out on the water and enter into some healthy competition.

Sports Day - ESOC Style

A classic school sports day, but you'll find no standard three-legged or wheelbarrow races here! Incorporating well-known favourites - with a twist. You can expect to take part in the shoe shot-put, strawberry bootlace eating race, gin & tonic relay and water bomb battleships to name just a few.

Dragons Apprentice

Challenge your team to use their negotiating and design skills in this fun and challenging mix of Dragon's Den and The Apprentice. Aquire capital, develop concept, actualise your idea, and then pitch to the investors in order to win in this challenge.

The Great Egg Race

A selection of old school Team Building activities that will get your group engaging their critical thinking and working together to achieve their goals. Swamp Cross, Drainpipe, Hook, Line and Sinker and just some of the games that you'll compete in.

Battle of Byzatium

Your teams will have to design effective Trebuchets and deploy dangerous projectiles (water balloons) from a distance. To win the battle they will have to collaborate, design and build all under the pressure of water bombs that could rain down from the other team at any moment.

Brain Teasing Treasure Hunts…

Bespoke Treasure Hunt

The Exploration Society prides itself on designing and then realising creative and imaginative treasure hunts based on your own themes and specifications. Just let us know what you need and when and we'll do the rest...

The Royal Heist

Over 60 years ago one of the most renowned jewellery thieves got away with some of the most precious jewels in the world! He didn't make it far before he was caught but the jewels were never discovered with the con. Can you help us find them?

Operation Infiltrate

A spy adventure, this activity involves navigation, creative problem solving and roleplay. The groups, posing as enemy agents aim to outwit the World Crime League. Only through cunning, subterfuge and quick thinking will the groups be able to complete their mission.

Murder at the Museum

We've all explored the Museums of London a hundred times. How about going again, but with a difference. Making all the exhibits, characters and stories that you find within the museum come alive, immerse yourself into a murder mystery game that will take those familiar spaces into a whole new light.

Curse of the Crystal Skull

Legend has it that the famous pirate John Diamond, hid his treasure in old London Town before a daring escape to the Caribbean. All that remains of his legend is a mysterious old map gathering dust in the British Library. Can anyone decipher the map and follow the clues to the lost treasure after so many years?

The Art Heist

An immersive city wide challenge that requires attention to detail, lateral thinking and team work. Art Heist will give your teams a chance to explore a city near you whilst taking part in a fun treasure hunt. They will need to decipher clues and follow trails to lead them to the stolen masterpiece. Are you up for the challenge?

Suitable for Indoors…

Tailored Murder Mystery

The Exploration Society prides itself on designing and then realising creative and imaginative treasure hunts based on your own themes and specifications. Let us know what you need, where you want it, and we'll do the rest...

Dragons Apprentice

This event has a range of engaging activities themed on both Dragons Den and the Apprentice, a combination of two of the most popular shows to appear on our screens. Teams will compete against one another and take on a range of challenges, from bargaining to fashion design.


It's a race against the clock as the teams have to work together to build a bridge. As newly appointed recruits, the groups will have to manage their funds, logistics and organisation to build an impenetrable structure for the arriving cavalry.


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