Sherpa Expedition October 2017

Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October 2017

The Sherpa Expedition is a multi-activity outdoor adventure set in the stunning hills of the Peak District. This area has been selected for its amazing landscapes and easy access to a variety of great activities, views and excitement! The group will learn to cook, hike, rock climb and mountain bike over the course of the 5 day trip.

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Living Arrangments

We are staying at the lovely Haag Farm Outdoor Centre set in Hope Valley in the Peak District. The accommodation is in comfortable bunk-bedded rooms with ample space for cooking in the large kitchen, and a dining room and living area, great for activities if the weather is bad.

Groups of children will take turns to help prepare meals for the whole group in the kitchens. Breakfast will be a buffet of hot and cold options, and everyone will make a packed lunch each morning.

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On the Monday we arrive, the afternoon will be spent settling in to our accommodation, exploring the farm and playing games. The following three days will be activity days where the whole group is split into teams. The teams will do each of the following activities over the three days.

Activity 1 – Mountain Biking

The Peak District is a superb area for mountain biking. With the naturally implied hills the group can have a go at taking their bikes over rough terrain and developing their balance and assessment of routes. The Hope Valley itself is the site of numerous beautiful and challenging natural tracks.

Activity 2 – Rock Climbing

Home to some of the most popular climbing routes in Europe, the area is perfect for any age range or ability. Combining the ever present spectacular views with an adventurous activity to make for a memorable day. Starting with simple scrambling routes the group will be able to progress to crags and slabs until they are able to cross different rock faces with confidence.

Activity 3 – Hiking and Navigation

This activity day will have an expedition feel to it, although at a gentle pace, with plenty of time to appreciate the stunning landscapes of the Peak District. Hike groups will have a choice of routes from Haag Farm, onto the high moors of Kinder and Bleaklow and around the Ladybower reservoirs and dams. The routes of the Peak District are varied and interesting suiting all sorts of walking styles and fitness. If the weather is good we may even get out for a night walk to see the stars.

Activity 4 – First Aid

Anyone who engages in adventurous activities should learn at least basic first aid. With the help of some stage make-up we will teach the children wound management, CPR, and how to cope with environmental problems such as heatstroke and hypothermia.

Activity 5 – Games!

Running through all of our camps are a variety of games adapted to suit the available playing areas.

Kit List


  • Kitbag / Suitcase
  • Small back pack for day hikes
  • Shoes to wear for wide games and evenings (trainers)
  • Shoes for walking in (e.g. walking boots/shoes)
  • Socks (including thick socks for walking) & underwear
  • Light hard wearing trousers/ warm leggings (not jeans)
  • Warm fleece/Jumper
  • T-shirts/shirts
  • Full Waterproofs (over trousers AND jacket)
  • Warm hat, gloves and buff
  • Small Thermos Flask
  • General toiletries and Towel
  • Eye care material (if needed)
  • Antihistamines (if needed to help with hay fever/grass allergies)
  • Head torch and spare batteries
  • Pocket money (no more than £10)
  • 1l water bottle (Sigg/Nalgene type recommended; refilled mineral water bottles are NOT suitable)
  • Packed lunch for Day 1


  • Reading book / Games
  • Teddy Bear

Personal mobile phones and other personal electronic devices are not permitted on this expedition and any found will be confiscated. All leaders will be carrying phones if needed.


Safety is our main concern when running our trips and we will do everything we can to ensure the girls have an exciting experience but are well looked after throughout. A certain level of risk is inherent to all of these activities but we believe the enormous benefits far outweigh them. All of the activities will be run by a high ratio of appropriately qualified and experienced outdoor instructors, and we will have conducted full risk assessments for every aspect of the trip. All of the ESOC leaders are first aid trained and DBS checked and a vehicle will always be available in case we need to take anybody for medical attention.


This trip will cost £465 pp to include:

  • Return travel from London
  • 4 nights full board accommodation
  • Rock climbing equipment
  • Mountain Bike hire
  • Planning and Leadership
  • Applicable taxes

Not included:

  • Personal Kit
  • Lunch on Day 1
  • Travel Expenses to meeting point in London (although a chaperone will be provided to and from Cambridge)

20% of the cost will be taken on booking with the balance due before the trip leaves. 5% sibling discounts are available.

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Why don’t you allow personal mobile phones or iPods/MP3 players on the trip?

There are a few reasons for this rule: a) these items are often expensive, and very easily lost or damaged; b) in the rare case that there are any problems to deal with on the trip, the Leader team are in the best position to sort things out, as they’re aware of all the factors surrounding the situation; calls to home can often make things worse! And c) our trips are a brilliant chance to get away from screens, televisions, Facebook, Instagram filters, and instead spend time outdoors interacting with friends in a non-virtual way!

In the case of an emergency, you will be able to contact your child via the Instructors’ phones, and vice versa. If someone is really homesick and we think a quick call will help them settle, then of course we’ll let them do that.

We’ll post updates and (where signal allows) pictures on our blog. We aim to do this on at least the first night and the third night but please try and assume that no news is good news! Sometimes we are so busy running the expedition and looking after the group that we don’t have time to organise blog posts too. Once we get back we’ll post a full de-brief with lots of photographs.

This is my child’s first trip away from home, will they be alright?

Of course everyone reacts differently, but in the vast majority of cases there will be absolutely no problems – they’ll be too busy having fun! The Leaders on the trip all have lots of experience of being with children when they’re away from home. In fact, we often find that the parents are the ones who find it hardest, and the children have a brilliant time and don’t give it a second’s thought.

My child is a fussy eater, will they go hungry?

No one has ever starved on an ESOC Expedition. The children are involved in planning and cooking the meals every day, and this engagement really helps eliminate food fussiness. They’ll be encouraged to Try New Things, as stated in our Ethos, but won’t be force fed anything they find disgusting! They’ll pick up loads of new skills, and may even cook a banquet for you once they’re home. We’ve taken note of any dietary requirements you filled out on the registration form.

Are your Leaders DBS and First Aid trained?

Our Leaders are DBS checked and have First Aid training. Many of our Leaders also have more advanced medical wilderness training. In a medical emergency we will be able to use our vehicle to get to the nearest hospital A&E department. We pride ourselves on employing enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and engaging staff, who go above and beyond to make our trips memorable.

Does my child really need a waterproof jacket AND over trousers?

Yes, they really do. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them, but they need a waterproof top layer to put on over their clothes: sogginess is a fast route to unhappiness.

Where can I go if I need to buy any clothing or equipment?

You can get a 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor, either online or in the shops by using the code AF-EXSOCM-4U. Let us know if you need any advice.

Do I really have to label everything with my child’s name?

Yes please! Unsurprisingly, more than one person buys a head torch from Cotswold Outdoor, or a black waterproof, or a pair of wellies, and these things are often left lying about… The kit pile we’re left with at the end of the trip is much easier to sort out if you’ve named everything.