Outdoor Skills

A Bushcraft day, although appearing to be mostly about hard skills, actually offers the chance for a group who work together in an office environment the chance to challenge themselves in a whole new way. Taking the group out of their comfort zone, but with an experienced team of instructors, you’ll see your team in a whole new light. They’ll require teamwork, critical think and the ability to put themselves to one side and think of the team in order to achieve the tasks laid before them. Why not choose 2 of the activities listed below to make it a day they’ll always remember.

Fire Lighting Challenge

Learn the first and most important of our basic skills. No matches or lighters will be found here! Fire Steels are the order of the day. Learn the importance of fire in a survival situation and those who are feeling brave can even get the hang of fire-by-friction. Culminating in a fire lighting competition!
1/2 day

Knife Skills

A fun skill to learn. Your instructor will explain the basic steps to using a knife and the skills to engage. Then it's up to you to shape out the item you'd most like to make. The calm and focus required leads to a really therapeutic session, out in the woods with some peace and tranquility.
1/2 day

Gourmet Bushcraft

Not one for the faint hearted! On these sessions you will make your own meal using almost exclusively wild found ingredients. Whether panassing a trout, plucking a pigeon or butchering a deer, you'll learn a lot about your relationship with food. Including where it comes from!
1/2 day

Shelter Building

In a survival situation you'll last 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water and only 3 hours without shelter! Often a misunderstood danger, our experienced instructors will teach you the best way to construct various shelters and the conditions that need to be taken into account.
1/2 day

Navigation Skills

Who else uses their phone to get around and would be lost without it!? Team work and critical thinking are vital in the development of map reading skills and it is an incredible feeling of accomplishment when a map goes from confusing to clear. All while taking in some beautiful vistas.
Full day / 1/2 day


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