Our Ethos

Outdoor Education can be about much more than just “hard” skills such as rock climbing or navigation. We also try to teach our young people attitudes which will help them live a happy, healthy and active life. To encourage this, we award “Contours” – coloured discs representing 10, 20 or 50 Meters of Ascent to recognise those who have best embodied the ESOC Ethos. When an individual reaches certain levels of altitude they are awarded a prize to recognise their achievements.

We believe it is very important to make our activities and teaching style appropriate to the age group we are working with. Therefore ESOC is divided into three sections…

We try new things
We leave no one behind
We stay positive
We give something back
We are resilient

  • Base Camp

    Lower School

    All Base Camp activities are designed to help younger pupils become confident and comfortable in the outdoor environment. They are encouraged to cooperate with others to achieve goals and are challenged in ways that are consistent with their abilities and experience. Our goal is to ensure that all young people enjoy their first taste of the outdoors.

    The Exploration Society run varied and exciting Expedition Training activities over the weeks preceding the Expedition where the core skills and techniques taught in training will be gently put to the test. For dates, times and locations of our Build Up training and Expeditions, please visit our Calendar Page.

  • Ascent Group

    Middle School

    The Ascent Group aims to develop the technical skill of middle school pupils through increasingly challenging activities and expeditions. The level of responsibility and independence these pupils are given is greater than in Base Camp and the activities are more adventurous and remote. Those with leadership potential are identified and trained to lead small groups of their peers.

    As with Base Camp, relevant and satisfying training is delivered in the run up to each Expedition. These sessions allow trust to develop between pupils and Exploration Society leaders and equip the pupils with the skills they need to stay safe and happy while out having adventures!

  • Summit Team

    Senior School

    The Summit Teams undertake extended expeditions in the UK and Overseas. Pupils are prepared both mentally and physically for the specific demands of their expedition and are involved as fully as possible in it’s planning so that they feel real ownership of the adventure.

    The Expedition location, purpose and duration can be tailored to the needs and experience of the group - from a one week hiking trip in the Lake District to a four week trek through the Himalayas. All trips are led by experienced and well-qualified Exploration Society Leaders who have spent time getting to know their Expedition group.