Crime Mysteries/ Treasure Hunts

Our Treasure Hunts and Mystery games are played in a variety of locations including across London and even in your own school. We can make a tailor made game just for you or bring out one of our tried and tested favourites. We can develop games for almost any year group. These games provide an excellent way for pupils to develop their leadership, teamwork and critical thinking skills as they must work to solve puzzles and navigate the game area. Our activities can also provide a great opportunity for pupils to experience museums and landmarks in an engaging and creative way.

  • Murder Mystery

    CSI Murder Mysteries can be run in almost any location and require the young sleuths to locate and interview suspects to ascertain their Means, Motive and Opportunity before gathering together to make their case. Or try our Cluedo inspired Murder Mystery which can be run at many public museums or galleries. The investigators are informed of a murder and must use witness statements and forensic evidence to deduce which room, which weapon and which suspect were involved in the crime

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  • Treasure Hunts

    Book one of our fantastic treasure hunts for your group. The children will learn about team work, critical thinking, map reading and more. All while engaging in a fun and exciting Treasure Hunt. Have them search for buried treasure, find the pirate's Crystal Skull, or something more simple but close to home, taking place in their very own school.

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  • Diamond Challenge

    Challenge's will vary from big to small and it's all about gaining prizes for your team, running from half a day to a whole day of challenges and activities, we can incorporate mental games, team building, cultural, language and much much more.

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  • Operation: Infiltrate

    A spy challenge with a difference. Operated around St Paul's cathedral teams will have to interact and engage with nefarious villains played by our superb team of experienced leaders. Groups will have to identify, tail and interrogate teams in order to be the first to scupper the treacherous plans of the World Crime League!

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