Please read through what adventure is on offer each day (9am – 3pm) every week throughout July and August and then use the button below to book. Activities are open to those aged 8yrs – 12yrs old. If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on info@explorationsociety.co.uk or 0044 207 231 7891

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  • Mondays: The Poseidon Adventure

    Poseidon was the Greek God of the sea and this adventure will have our young explorers taking to the water to recover Poseidon's trident, stolen by the mischievous water nymphs and scattered to the four winds. The group will take sea kayaks from the hotel beach and have a coaching session which covers paddle technique as well as safety and rescue. Once they can control their boats confidently, they will head along the coast with the instructors, searching the caves and rocks for pieces of the trident. Once all the pieces are recovered and reassembled, it can be returned to Posiedon's Shrine hidden in a secret place only accessible by water.

  • Tuesdays: The Zeus Quest

    Zeus was the Emperor of the Olympian Gods and well known for his temper. Perched on the hill along the coast from the hotel is the remains of a 2500yr old Citidel called Elina. The inhabitants displeased Zeus by worshipping a different God and so he sent thunder and lighting to destroy the city and drive the inhabitants to flee into the sea. As they escaped, they buried their treasures on a secluded beach and left clues so their descendants might return and recover them. Will this be enough to locate and recover the treasure?

  • Wednesday: Artemis Woodland Day

    Artemis was the Goddess of the Hunt and the Wilderness. During this Adventure we will take the group a short distance on mountain bikes along quiet roads and tracks to a beautiful woodland with a stream running through it. Here we will teach the explorers a range of outdoor skills such as trapping, archery, fire lighting, wood carving and shelter building as well as play games and paddle in the stream.

  • Thursdays : Athena Day

    Athena was both the Goddess of Warfare as well as Arts and Crafts. This day will be run from the hotel's own Woodland site where our group will try their hand at all sorts of Handicrafts including pottery, bread baking, knot tying and weaving interspersed with some exciting games of combat archery (a bit like dodge ball but with bows and sponge tipped arrows)!

  • Fridays : Hades Quest

    According to Greek mythology, the Acheron river was one of the rivers of the underworld and the one which bordered Hades. Souls would pay Charon the ferryman to cross with coins placed on their eyes when they died. Despite the sombre stories, the source of the Acheron is an amazingly beautiful shallow and clear river which originates from springs deep in the countryside. Our Quest will see us travel from the hotel to the springs by road, walk and play in the river, building model boats and racing them in the current. We will also look out for lost coins and return them to the Temple of Hades, a short distance away by road.

    Acheron Springs
  • Booking Information

    - Each activity day costs €66 pp(£60) with a 10% discount when booking a sibling
    - Booking all 5 days of the programme reduces the cost to €60 pppd(£54)
    - Further information about the day (s) including meeting place, kit list and contact numbers will be sent once booking has been made
    - The group will meet in the Hotel Reception at 9am each morning and return at 3pm in the afternoon
    - A packed lunch is included in the cost but when we travel away from the hotel, participants may wish to bring pocket money for drinks or snacks
    - All essential activity equipment and entry fees are included in the package price
    - There will be a qualified and first-aid trained leader ratio of at least 1 leader to 8 young people

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