Kings College School, Cambridge


Team Building Activity Day – 18th June 2019

On June 19th, The Exploration Society will deliver a fun day of activities for the Kings pupils which encourage teamwork, problem solving and perseverance. The whole day will take place at the Jarman Centre near Newmarket as part of the Yr 5 Summer residential. ESOC leaders will be on site at 8.30am and be ready to start activities at 9.30am and aim to leave the site by 8pm.

  • Morning Activity - Trading Post

    After an initial welcome briefing, we will divide the group into 9 teams of 6 and challenge them to an activity called Trading Post. This game requires teams to locate Traders around the site and work out how to barter items to achieve their goal. Some trades will take some working out so the challenge is not as straightforward as it first appears.

  • Lunch - Oriental Chicken Skewers

    At the end of the morning activities we will show the group how to light a fire using fire steels. They will then make some marinated chicken skewers served in a tortilla wrap with rice noodles - delicious.

  • Afternoon Activity - The Dragons' Apprentice

    A combination of Dragons' Den and the Apprentice, this challenge starts by having teams compete at some short classic team building games in order to build up capital for the their projects. They are then given a brief to design a game or toy which is i) original ii) educational and iii) robust. Two shops are open from which teams can buy materials and attempt to haggle for the best price to keep their overheads low. As well as the product, supporting marketing material and instructions can be designed.Teachers and/or ESOC leaders will offer their services as consultants who for a price will advise on the project. At the end of the build phase, each team pitches for investment from a Dragon and the teams who have the most capital go forward to a grand final.

  • Evening Activity - Curse of the Crystal Skull

    One of our most popular games, this essentially is a bit like "Capture the flag" but with multiple flags and teams. Each team tries to both defend their base while also attacking other bases in order to collected different coloured gems which can then be exchanged for the legendary Crystal Skull.


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