Heineken Event

The Exploration Society are delighted to propose the following event for Heineken.

Date: 10th April 2019

Running Time: 1330 – 1600

Location: Central London

Group Size: 100 Participants

  • Diamond Challenge

    The race is on to see which team can gain the most diamonds before the time is up. You’ll need to be fast, smart, strong, cunning, and skilled if you’re going to make it to the end of the Diamond Dash!

  • Explore London

    Requiring Teamwork, Leadership, critical thinking and a keen eye for navigation teams will move through some of the finest views in London, visiting different locations, completing various puzzles and challenges, in order to gain as many diamonds as possible.

  • Win the Game!

    Groups will have to decide which challenges will provide the best return on diamonds as they accumulate as many as possible for the Grand Weigh Off at the game’s climax!


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