Family Trips


When you think of team days out what could be better than taking the opportunity to bond, while learning a new skill. Sign up in teams of 4 for a Solent Safari. Your Skippers will collect you from the main land and you will spend a few hours in the morning literally, learning the ropes. Then sail over to the Isle of Wight and stop off for a drink in Cowes or drop anchor in Newtown Creek for lunch. Your skipper can then drop you off in Cowes for you to spend the night on the island or bring you back to the mainland to end the day.
Full day


Join us down by the river for a day messing about in boats. In pairs your team will be given a canoe to share. Launching in the morning your experienced river guides will lead the way, showing some paddling techniques as you go along. Drift down river with kingfishers and swans coming past. Stopping off for a picnic lunch on the bank, the afternoon will see you back on the water. One of the best ways to experience England. The waterways have excitement and tranquility all rolled into one. All PPE will be provided.
Full day


One of the most important and often neglected skills is the ability to Navigate. We will take your group a short drive from London into the Surrey hills. After some time spent mastering a map and compass, Your route leaders will have you navigate your way to Leith Hill Tower. The highest point for miles around. Lunch will be eaten on route. After a chance to take in the views we'll guide you back down the hill and head to the train station or drop off point to head back to London. Perhaps with a stop off for a quick one at the pub.
Full Day

Sailing Croatia

Croatia is less known but perhaps for that reason, one of our favourite places to sail. Explore the ancient cities, hike the national parks and sail in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. Learning to sail, swimming off the back of the boats, and slinging a hammock between the stays to sleep under the stars. A perfect way to unwind.
5 days/4 nights

Paddling Sweden

One of our favourite trips. We will take you to the south of Sweden where we will load up with supplies before heading out onto the beautiful lake waters. We will paddle in our canoes to various islands, each evening stopping in time to hang your hammock, light your fire and help cook dinner as you watch the sun go down. Complete perfection.
6 days/5 nights

Hiking Ladakh

Not for the faint of heart! This trip to the lap of the Himalayas will test your skill, determination and teamwork. We will head out to Delhi and then on to Leh where we will plan to climb The Lonely Mountain. We will have a sherpa team who will feed and support the hike and all kit will be carried by horses leaving you free to enjoy the journey.
11 days/10 nights

Navigating Snowdonia

Something a little closer to home but no less amazing. Led by our Experienced Mountain Team. You will stay in one of the only 5* Hostels in the country. Your leaders will take you out to the hills each day, showing you around and giving you the chance to navigate yourselves some of the way. In the evenings they will prepare dinner and join you by the fire for an evening drink as you discuss the day.
4 days/3 nights

Something More

Alternatively, if none of these quite fit the bill, why don't you get in touch and tell us what you would most like to do and let us try and make it happen...


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