At the Exploration Society we create immersive games and business simulations that bring alive the key learning goals of your program. Let’s face it, the principles of leadership, innovation and decision making have not changed in 100 years and it is proven that people forget 90% of theory in 30 days. Where learning providers are creating the biggest impact and setting themselves apart from the competition is through experiential learning.

We take a very bespoke approach and always love the challenge of creating a new experience where the narrative speaks directly to the participant level, industry, competitive landscape, market context and emerging trends. Some of the key themes that we believe to be very important are:

  • Innovation
  • Decision making
  • Diversity
  • Purpose and authenticity

Here are some examples of our experiences

The Apex Algorithm - Decision Making

In the age of disruption where things are moving very quickly it puts a huge emphasis on effective decision making. To remain competitive business leaders will have to run their companies like start up’s where critical data is pursued rapidly, teams make decisions with imperfect information and learn to adapt to the results quickly.

This bartering game requires navigation, lateral thinking and deduction for teams to discover the Apex Algorithm before their competitors. Through solving independent challenges teams are given new information which reveals the components of a unique formula that will transform the landscape of artificial intelligence.

Set in major cities, country manors and local parks, this game allows participant to test new theory and develop their skills in an immersive way.

Read Case Study - Cambridge Institute of Manufacturing

Battle of Byzantium - Lean prototyping and Agile Innovation

Byzantium was the most powerful economic, cultural, and military force in middle age Europe. Their power was galvanised by their mastery of new technologies, one of the most famous being the Trebuchet. This siege catapult could fling projectiles weighing 500 pounds almost 1000 feet away and were used to devastating effect even after the invention of gunpowder.

In the age of disruption where companies have to continually adapt their offering with limited time and resources, it is critical for teams to collaborate and practice lean prototyping.

In the battle of Byzantium teams have to design effective Trebuchets and deploy dangerous projectiles (water balloons) from a distance. To win the battle they will have to collaborate, learn design thinking skills and implement an effective iteration process, all under the pressure of having water bombs that could rain down from the other team at any moment.

Case Study - Stewarts Law

Dragons Apprentice

We have all sat through Dragon’s Den and the Apprentice wondering whether we have what it takes to bring our own inventions to life or compete against hungry competitors for Lord Sugars acknowledgement.

One of the most valuable commodities in a company is an “intrepreneur”, an innovator who always seeks to bring new ideas to life through the support of his company, rather than risking going it alone. The advantages to intrapreneurship are massive yet companies have to get their employees to see themselves as more than just a job description.

Through the Dragon’s Apprentice we ignite the fire in your organisation and give people the confidence that they can bring new ideas to life through their team. They will have to win several challenges to acquire the seed investment required to start prototyping their new innovation. Important choices around how to spend that money on different materials and consultants for both expertise and inspiration, will determine the quality of their product.

Once the clock has stopped the teams will have to present their value propositions to the Dragons to see whether they will get any investment. The team with the most investment wins.

Authenticity and purpose driven leadership - Embarking Expeditions

Graduates represent the bright future of any organisation. Millennials experience so many conflicting values when choosing careers that half of graduates expect to leave their first job within 2 years even though they have no idea what else they will do.

Creating an opportunity for them to build relationships with their cohort, explore their leadership styles and appreciate the values of the venture they are embarking on is of huge importance. With a greater understanding of the aspirations of each individual, companies can appreciate what engages critical talent and shape the journeys accordingly.

Our local expeditions create a safe container for people to test their limits and connect with the impact they would like to make. Through a range of simulations, command/control exercises and personal coaching, we help graduates develop critical skills and self-awareness.

Read a case study - Ladakh Expedition


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