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Book an event with a difference. Bring your team out for one of our brilliant team building experiences. Looking through our list below see the variety of different options available to make your conference or event stand out. There are so many options available you will find something for everyone.

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  • Team Building

    Our range of Team Building activities require team work, problem solving and effective planning in order to solve the tasks. Your groups will need to think outside the box and use the unique skill sets that each and every team bring to design and use an effective solution to the challenges. Each individual will need to recognise their own personal impact on the group and how to effectively share their ideas in order to be successful.

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  • Outdoor Skills

    Bring your team along to something a little different by removing all the city comforts and familiarity and engaging in one of our outdoor survival challenges. Designed to improve collaboration and enhance leadership, whilst gaining some real world hard skills. The group will need to develop their communication and trust, while overcoming their fears and moving outside of their comfort zone.

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Operating in teams, these challenges will demand that individuals think creatively, activating their problem solving skills and work collaboratively to crack the clues. The Treasure Hunts are refreshing, enable the teams to re explore a familiar area and improve their communication and teamwork. Best of all they are a movable feast - which means that you name the time and place and we can make it happen.

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  • Mystery / Crime

    Using your imagination and developing your investigative skills. The teams will require good teamwork, excellent problem solving and critical thinking if the challenges are to be solved. It's important the the team work out how to share their ideas and use their time in the most effective way to discover the correct solutions.

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  • Creative

    We will take you out to a beautiful woodland setting where your staff will get the chance to get away from the rush and noise of the city. While out there they will get crafty, learning to make things from wood or preparing and cooking their own bush themed lunch, using food found out in nature to make a delicious meal.

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  • Expedition

    How about really challenging yourselves. Lasting anywhere between 24 hours to a whole week we could take your team away and test their cooperative and cohesiveness. We can provide anything from an overnight camp in the woods to learn survival skills to a beautiful canoe down the medway with a picnic lunch on the bank or even a sailing trip. We can stay close to home or you could really push the boat out (pardon the pun!) and book an international trip. These are perfect as incentive trips or something for that extra special client.

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  • Something more!

    Want something really special but can't seem to find it listed above. Just let us know what you would most like to do and if we can we will help you make it happen! With the right budget the Sky really is the limit!

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  • Our Work

    Looking for some inspiration for your next event? Take a look at some of our event case studies here. We have run a range of fantastic events for our clients from laser battles, treasure hunts and team building days. Our highly qualified instructors provide an exceptional service for all guests, making their experiences exciting and memorable. Whether you are would like us to organise the whole event or assist you with a few fun experiences, we have you covered!

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