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We know that the best way to bring alive the values of your brand and create alignment in your community is through the immersive experience. When you tell people they forget, when you show them they may remember but when you involve them, that is when they truly understand. Whether you are looking to reward top performers, engage a conference or connect with your most important consumers, we have an experience just for you.

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We take a very bespoke approach and always love the challenge of creating a new experience where the narrative speaks directly to the consumer profile, industry, competitive landscape, market context and emerging trends.

We believe the following important shifts are influencing what people look for in experiences:

  • Personalisation and exclusivity – people are no longer satisfied with generic activities, they want to feel like it was designed just for them.
  • Ownership and skill development – gone are the days where people are happy with being passive participants. They want to feel like they are the active catalysts of the experience itself and have grown through making it happen
  • Making an impact – When people enjoy or engage in an experience, they want it to have a strong sense of social responsibility.

The Carousel

The biggest challenge facing conference organisers is how to create a lot of energy, interaction and immersion when limited by the conference location and program.

Through the Carousel, we can build in a host of interactive games and challenges that support the theme of your conference regardless of the space you have available or the numbers of delegates involved.

Our entertaining facilitators can serve as the creative thread that run through your whole event looking for any opportunity to invite participation.

The Mystery

They say that the journey is what makes the destination meaningful.

Don’t just give your brand message and products to your best customers, create an opportunity for them to discover them in truly exciting ways.

The Mystery is a treasure hunt that is designed around your brand. The experience taps into some of our most powerful archetypes to engross your target audience in an adventure.

The Expedition

Our incentive expeditions are for companies who recognise that top performers are bored of just shopping and lying by the pool- they want to do something extraordinary.

As the Exploration Society, we can take your key talent to some of the most unique locations around the world to enjoy a great mix of developing new skills, revitalisation and make a positive contribution to communities.

Your team will return feeling empowered, engaged and driven to improve on their performance.


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