Battle Field

The Brief

To provide a bespoke experience for a company wide event. ESOC would produce a two day programme for 250 people on Osea Island. The activities will be fun and exciting but also suit a range of capabilities. If possible, one activity should be inclusive of all guests, engaging each participant.

The Event

In order to stick to the brief we set out to create a activities that would be exciting, engaging and utilise the beautiful venue.

On day 1 the guests took part in an island wide laser battle. Competing against one another, the platoons used their navigation skills to take on a bespoke treasure hunt whilst battling to keep their lives.

On day 2, the client wanted some optional activities, which made for a relaxing day for all the guests. We provided Axe throwing and Weaving and guests had the chance to learn some new skills and experience something a little more low key.

Below are further details on the event.

Battle Field

Battle Field is a multi-layered combat game involving strategy, teamwork and lateral thinking. Players explored the island with their team in order to find hidden treasure. The only way to find their diamonds is to retrieve the beacons from the drop sites and crack the codes. There are many obstacles standing in their way, platoons will need to roam the village solving puzzles, battle enemy teams and eliminate the mercenaries.

Stealth is key! Players will have to preserve lives or else they may lose the challenge. Each player begins with 25 lives, however during their mission to retrieve their treasure caches can be found. These will earn them boosting kit that will all help to strengthen their platoon.

As teams go head to head in the ultimate laser battle, they are equipped with state of the art laser rifles capable of shooting a beam of infra red light over 50m. Direct hits are recorded by head sensors and by the guns themselves. Guests can be set up with camouflage clothing and face paint and gain some training on concealment and stealthy movement in a range of environments.

This immersive challenge really tests the players team work and navigation, whilst having multiple elements ensuring there was something for everyone.

This activity will be runs for approximately 2 1/2 hours (including brief, set up and optional prizes giving)

Axe Throwing

Everyone loves getting a bullseye and we can provide that thrill using our air rifles and throwing axes. A cool head and a steady aim will be vital for a this challenge. We provided the group with a full day of axe throwing alongside some other activities. Guests were able to drop in to sessions, learn new skills and simply have a good time.

This activity is always enjoyed by everyone taking part!


Learning the skills of our wild ancestors, guests took part in a relaxing afternoon of whittling in the walled garden. Making rustic tools and weapons from natural materials they enjoyed the primeval joy of chatting to one another, perfecting their carving skills and developing some extremely creative work.

This was perfect for a relaxing day of entertainment.

Battle Field: Laser Combat


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