Lendinvest @ Osea Island


Welcome to the Osea Island activity page! We at the Exploration Society are excited to be running a carousel of activities for you during the afternoon of Friday 21st June. Below are the details of 5 possible activities; please use the link to choose 3 you would like to take part in. The outline itinerary for the day will be:

09:30-11:00: Welcome drinks
11:00-12:00: Guest speaker
12:00-13:00: Lunch
13:15-14:45: First Activity
14:45-15:00: Rotation Time
15:00-16.30: Second Activity
16.30-16:45: Rotation Time
16:45-18:15: Third Activity

Choose your activities here!

  • Campfire Cooking

    A session learning how to prepare and cook tasty food over the campfire. Starting with local oysters, we'll fillet and "ponass" fresh trout to hot-smoke over the fire to serve with roasted veg and washed down with wine. Time permitting we'll also rustle up some chocolate brownies for desert. Not a burnt sausage in sight!

  • Sea Kayaking

    The island provides many launch points and an interesting coast line to explore in our comfortable double Sea Kayaks, perfect craft to venture out to sea. Under the guidance of our experienced staff, groups can set off to circumnavigate the island or even attempt to cross the bay, weather permitting.

  • Target Sports

    Everyone loves getting a bullseye and we can provide that thrill using bows and arrows, rifles with exploding targets and even throwing axes! For those feeling extra enegetic, we can also try a few rounds of combat archery; an exciting game similar to dodgeball but instead of avoiding balls you’re dodging and firing arrows! Granted the arrows are padded and the competitors wear masks but this is still the closest you’ll get to Agincourt...

  • Treasure Hunt

    Where better to hunt for treasure that on a private island with a rich and dark history. Starting with just an old letter from the Osea archives left by a WW1 soldier to his sweetheart, teams will try to uncover the resting place of the fortune the soldier cleverly left for his family in case he didn't return from the front. Be warned though - many have tried to follow the clues and failed - will you be smart enough?

  • Sailing

    Venture out onto the seas around Osea with our experienced skippers in a variety of boats old and new. Accommodating between 4 and 12, you can choose to just relax and enjoy the experience or take the helm, haul a halyard or shiver your timbers like a true sailor.


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