1st Place Activity Day

The Exploration Society can run a variety of activities at the beautiful Wimbledon Commons and Hamstead Heath sites for adult clients. A menu of the most popular is shown below, please note that any activities involving fires can only be secured for the Wimbledon site.  An event can be designed using a combination of activities with groups rotating through each session.

The activities below show an approximate time scale. I would suggest highlighting your top 4 activities. Due to the timings we would need to allow groups a short rotation time (5-10 minutes) between each activity to move on to their next session.

Some sessions incur a supplement shown in the information below. If your group is larger than this we will supply more instructors and equipment at an extra charge.

  • Target Sports

    Players channel their inner Robin Hoods and compete by shooting for the highest score/most balloons etc. These sessions are more suited to the summer than the winter! If the weather is bad it can be substituted for another activity. Activities to choose from are: Axe throwing Archery Soft Archery Catapult Creation You can choose to have 2 sessions of target sports if you wish. 45 mins- 1hr per session

  • Carving/ Whittling

    Training in knife skills with the aim of carving simple cooking implements such as spoons, spatulas and butter knives. “Mora” Bushcraft knives, wood blanks and safety gloves supplied. The session is run beneath a large parachute for shelter and sitting around a campfire for warmth if needed (Wimbledon only). Time dependent, guests will get the chance to create one or some of the following tools to take away with them: spoons Butter knives Spear fishing set Tent peg 1 hr- 3hrs Per session

  • Trebuchet Building

    A fun construction challenge where teams build working trebuchets using our full size mechano sets capable of throwing water bombs up to 50 metres. 1- 2 hr pers session

  • Fire lighting workshop

    Training in a variety of fire lighting methods such as fire steels and feather sticks up to and including making fire by friction if time allows. *Only at Wimbledon 1 hr -per session

  • Great Egg Race

    At the Great Egg Race teams must construct a contraption capable of transporting an egg safely down a zip line. Each team will start with a number of trading tokens which they can exchange for a variety of odds and ends that, using their ingenuity, they must transform into a marvellous egg-contraption. Challenges will increase in complexity until we find the team that *ahem* cracks it! 1hr- 2 hrs- per session

  • Team Challenges

    At this base, teams will confront a series of simple and complex team challenges. Teams will need to complete one game after the other, working their way through them all, proving not only that they are the fastest and most highly skilled, but most importantly the best at working together as a unit. 45 mins- 1hr per session

  • Campfire Cooking

    Campfire cooking is a great way to bring the group together for a hearty meal. The groups will prepare their fish- trout or salmon and cook over an open fire pit. Fish prep approx 30 minutes Cooking approx 30-45 minutes *Additional Costs may apply

  • Creative Buchcraft

    Guests can get creative with their surroundings and make a variety of tools and bush craft traps. Instructors will demonstrate and assist groups to create one or some of the following: Weaving 45 minutes Clay Making- 45-60 minutes Trap Making- 30 minutes


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