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The Exploration Society can run a variety of activities at the Browning Bros’ beautiful Chalkney Water Meadows and Secluded Orchard sites for adult clients. A menu of the most popular is shown below, please get in touch via the event form below if you would like us to create something bespoke and we can give you a quote. An event can be designed using a combination of activities with groups rotating through each session.

4 hour sessions are priced at £35 (+VAT) per head, based on a group of 12.

Some sessions incur a supplement shown in the information below. Water-based activities work on a ratio of 1 instructor for every 12 participants. If your group is larger than this we will supply more instructors and equipment at an extra charge.

Bespoke Event Form

  • Campfire Cooking

    A session to show how to cook different food over the campfire, such as hot smoked salmon, lamb kebabs, fresh bread, wild rabbit and steamed trout. The exact menu is time dependent and this session incurs a £12/head + VAT supplement which includes wine with lunch.

  • Laser Battles

    Spanning large wooded and open areas the teams are equipped with state of the art laser rifles capable of shooting a beam of Infra Red light over 50m. Direct hits are recorded by head sensors and by the guns themselves. Teams battle it out in a capture the flag type scenario, aiming to inflict the most damage while keeping their own lives intact. This session incurs a one off £12/head + VAT supplementary charge.

  • Fire Challenge

    Teams are given two blocks of wood, a knife and a fire steel (which creates sparks). The challenge is to completely burn the block of wood – a lot harder than it sounds! Teams can buy additional clues and equipment in exchange for time penalties.

  • Carving/Whittling

    Training in knife skills with the aim of carving simple cooking implements such as spoons, spatulas and butter knives. “Mora” Bushcraft knives, wood blanks and safety gloves supplied. The session is run beneath a large parachute for shelter and sitting around a campfire for warmth if needed.

  • Sports Day

    A classic school sports day (uniform optional), but you'll find no standard three-legged or wheelbarrow races here! Incorporating well-known favourites - with a twist. You can expect to take part in the shoe shot-put, strawberry bootlace eating race, gin & tonic relay and water bomb battleships to name just a few. Don't forget your daps!

  • Target Archery

    Players channel their inner Robin Hoods and compete by shooting for the highest score/most balloons etc. These sessions are more suited to the summer than the winter! If the weather is bad it can be substituted for another activity.

  • Adventure Race

    Adventure Races are a great activity that can be tailored to suit groups of all types and sizes. They can involve physical elements such as paddling or team challenges, as well as mental puzzles and can even take teams off the land and onto the lake. Due to flexible and bespoke nature of what we can offer, we can't offer a standard price/head/hr for this activity. However if you are interested in taking part in an adventure race on at either of the Browning Bros sites please get in touch and we can discuss themes, budgets and timings.

  • Fire Lighting Workshop

    Training in a variety of fire lighting methods such as fire steels and feather sticks up to and including making fire by friction if time allows.

  • Kayaking and Canoeing

    At the lake we can provide sessions in both Kayaks and Canoes. These can be focused on fun and games or on skills with the possibility of gaining a BCU 1* certificate. These sessions are more suited to the summer than the winter!

  • Improvised Rafting

    From a pile of assorted items can you and your team build a raft to take your whole team to the centre of the lake to claim the winning trophy? Experienced instructors will be standing by to give hints (or hinderance) as needed and to gather all the parts of your raft when it all gets wet! This session will depend on tides and is more suited to the summer than the winter!

  • Trebuchet Building

    A fun construction challenge where teams build working trebuchets using our full size mechano sets capable of throwing water bombs up to 50 metres. Price Range - £20 - £40 pp Group size - 8+ Duration - 2hrs


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