Wetherby Prep Year 4's - 11/03/20

Wetherby Prep Year 4’s – 11/03/20

For the boy’s first session, we started their new adventure with our mini hike to the woods on Hampstead Heath. The boys were all very excited and keen to get going.
The day consisted of 4 challenging Team Building activities, which they all took in their stride and evidently developed their communication and cooperation throughout.
The Ant game was a fantastic introduction to working as a team, as the group of “ants” had to transport the “sugar” from the pile to their nest without talking and to discover what the secret rules are by watching the other “ants” body language. The boys found this a great challenge and quickly focussed into using ways of communicating, other than talking!
Another activity they completed was the ‘Loopy challenge’ which requires the students to pass a hoop around their team in a circle, holding hands. The hoop must not drop to the floor and they cannot break free their hands! This is another fantastic activity for cooperation and resilience.
The boys then had a go at ‘Magic carpets’; attempting to fold a tarpaulin in half as many times as possible; without stepping off of it. This requires the team to come up with a plan and execute it effectively!
The last activity for the boys was to create different shapes using just their own bodies. The boys found this great fun and very funny trying to decide the easiest ways of holding themselves up as a team!
They had a brilliant first experience with us and left feeling excited for the next, as did we!




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