5 reasons to try an ESOC school holiday camp?

5 reasons to try an ESOC school holiday camp?

School Holiday Camp

Here at the Exploration Society we run a series of school holiday camps which are built to give children experiences which will last a lifetime. Designed around the Exploration Society ethos (which can be found here) our camps provide opportunities to explore the outdoors while experiencing the thrill of adventure. Here are some of the benefits of participating in an Exploration Society school holiday camp;

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1. Get Outdoors!

In the modern world we feel that expeditions and adventures are a great way to unwind and to get back in touch with nature. On an Exploration Society holiday camp we don’t allow the use of screens or devices during the day (except in emergencies!). We prefer to focus on the beautiful surroundings that our camps occupy, nestled in secluded woodland or down on the edge of a river!

2. Develop Friendships…

All of our camps are inclusive environments, in fact one of the attitudes which makes up our ethos is that ‘We leave no-one behind’. This community aspect leads to the perfect environment to foster and develop strong friendships with peers.

School Holiday Camp

3. Try Something New

We run such a wide range of activities on our camps that there is sure to be something new to try out. You are likely to find us zip-lining through the forest, canoeing down a river or lighting a fire (without any matches) and much more! Of course we tie this in with all of the classic camp activities, we love to toast marshmallows!

School Holiday Camp

4. Learn Life Skills

We aim to teach our groups of children important life skills while on camp. These can be hard skills such as firelighting or archery but we feel that soft skills such as resilience and positivity are equally important so we encourage environments where these can be developed as much as possible.

5. Have Fun!

The number one priority! Attending an Exploration Society school holiday camp is all about having a good time in a positive environment with likeminded people.

Why not come along and join in our next adventure? We have a range of camps coming up over the next few months including;

The Exploration Society Easter Residential – Monday 6th April – Thursday 9th April

The Exploration Society Buccaneer – Tuesday 26th – Friday 29th May

The Exploration Society Youth Flotilla (Croatia) – Sunday 12th – Friday 17th July

The Exploration Society Summer Holiday Coastal Camp 

Monday 6th July  – Friday 10th July & Monday 13th July  – Friday 17th July





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