Wetherby Prep Year 3's 23rd Jan 2020

Wetherby Prep Year 3’s 23rd Jan 2020

The boys were challenged in new ways which focused on group dexterity and non verbal communication. First off we did a bit of duck fishing using our Exploration Society team fishing boats, an activity which proves tricky even for adults! The boys found this challenge frustrating at first but they didn’t give up and by the end they were successfully saving all the ducks from the poisoned ponds!!

Next up we played a game called forehead dots. The challenge is to work out what colour is on your forehead, who has the same colour as you and then group together accordingly all without talking! The silence was deafening and most unusual but again the boys tackled the new challenge with only the odd giggle.

Finally we undertook the toughest challenge of the day, Gutterball! A seemingly straightforward but extremely challenging activity. The boys were given three pieces of plastic guttering, which when put together equals around 1.5 meters. The aim is to transport a ball along the guttering over a 10m distance and drop the ball into a bag. Everyone must be holding one of the bits of guttering and working together to make sure the ball doesn’t drop.Communication was key!

After Gutterball we gave the boys 10 minutes to work on their den together, which is proving a successful team bonding exercise. This time the boys decided to completely deconstruct their original den and move it to a completely new location quite the logistical feat and very entertaining to watch.




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