Wetherby Prep Year 3's 16th Jan 2020

Wetherby Prep Year 3’s 16th Jan 2020

After the festive period, Wetherby year 3 boys were back with us at Hampstead Heath for an afternoon of team-building challenges. After arriving and having some lunch in base camp, the boys undertook a variety of games designed to build on there resilience and communication. From the “fishing game”, where the boys have to work together to position a hook specifically over a certain spot within our pond to enable them to catch various animals, to the bucket challenge where they have to create a structure out of natural materials as tall as possible BUT will then be able to support a bucket filled with water. The team’s race to build the tallest tower but will live it up to the challenge and support their buckets? This was great fun and the boys really engaged with it.

The boys have created a den within the location we use and every session they like to add bits to it and ensure it is still standing. It now has a toilet, kitchen area, and bedrooms. The den is coming together nicely and it’s great to see them enjoying the freedom of working together but with a focus. Everyone gets involved and teamwork really shines through in this activity. Well done boys!

We’re looking forward to seeing the boys next week when they come back for another afternoon of fun, laughter, discussion and of course, to enhance their teamwork.




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