Wetherby Prep Year 3's 5.12.2019- Clash of the Clans!

Wetherby Prep Year 3’s 5.12.2019- Clash of the Clans!

The 5th December saw the Year 3 boys undertake a full day challenge. The day was based around the boys creating and constructing their very own settlements. The day started with the boys having to choose a good location to store their prized treasure on top of a tower that they constructed. This had to be in a natural area that was good for access but well defended. The boys then built up their settlements with defenses, barriers, fences, and boundaries to help stop the oncoming attack from the opposing clan. Once complete, they designed a clan tag, a flag to warn others and used camo paint to identify with their own clan. Once all complete, the battle began and it was impressively close! The finale, was the boys obtaining cannonballs to try and knock down the opposing teams tower sending the crystal skull smashing to the floor! A great day with lots of teamwork, communication, creative thinking and of course, a huge amount of fun!

It was Miss Hood’s birthday and we were very lucky to enjoy some birthday cake from Miss Hood- Thank you, it really was the icing on the cake to a great day!




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