How Your Kids Can Blend Adrenaline And Mindfulness On Summerscape 2019

How Your Kids Can Blend Adrenaline And Mindfulness On Summerscape 2019

Our annual August retreat returns at a brand new venue, the wonderful Wasing estate near Reading. We will be mixing our long tradition of high adrenaline Exploration Society games and activities with sessions to help the group tune in to nature and open the senses, with forest meditations, foraging and woodland yoga all helping to develop a calm atmosphere at camp.

The balance of both adrenaline-pumping exercises and more mindful activities makes this the perfect camp for your kids, allowing them to learn skills that are not only fun, but also arm them with tools to help slow their minds.

Why do children benefit from mindful activities?

Today, our children face a unique number of stressors every day; with social media and constant screen-time as well as school, parents, and general life. Practising mindful activities can help them cope and prevent them from feeling constantly over-stimulated and overwhelmed.

Mindfulness can be defined in a number of ways, but essentially it is simply paying attention on purpose to the present moment. So often our minds are constantly racing, thinking about everything that is going on, everything that we need to do, and our children are no different. This is why we have built in various activities to help them switch off and appreciate the present moment, as well as help build a calming atmosphere in the camp.

Mindfulness and meditation practice in children have been know to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve attention and concentration
  • Increase compassion and empathy
  • Improve sleep

All great things in our book!

What can you expect on our upcoming Summerscape?

Each day on camp will be filled with a variety and balance of activities which will be shaped by the weather as well as the interest and energy levels of the group. During the 5 days we would expect sessions on:

  • Canoeing
  • Yoga
  • Bushcraft
  • Target Sports
  • Meditation
  • Adventure games
  • Campfire cooking
  • Crafts such as weaving and pottery

Each day will begin with breakfast around 8 am followed by morning activities until around 12 noon. We then break for lunch and rest for a short time before afternoon activities. After a drink and a snack, there is usually some free time before dinner which is partly cooked by the campers themselves on campfires (with adult supervision). Once dinner is cleared away we normally head out into the woods for some twilight games before finishing with a campfire, cocoa and storytelling.

What a trip!

Our camp runs from Monday 19th – Friday 23rd August and is open to those in yrs 5-8. We’d love to see your teens there, so please click the link to find out more and book your spot!




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