Esoc Buccaneer 2019 - 4th Update

Esoc Buccaneer 2019 – 4th Update

Dear Parents,

Today has been awesome! We woke to a fresh, clear start and in great spirits ready for the Buccaneer Barter! A game of mystery, challenges, sailing, cryptic clues and Treasure!

In our teams we were given a bag of coins and a map and the rest was down to us. It ended up with us firing archery arrows at a boat whilst sailing, escaping magic handcuffs, catapulting water bombs, cooking pancakes on Coca Cola cans and so much more! It was such good fun we all want to do it again! The game took us all around 3 hours to complete and we’re now on our way to Thurn Mill where we will spend our last night.

We have our last Come Dine With Me this evening so every effort will be made to impress the leaders, followed by an evening game. Tomorrow we slip lines early to head back to Potter Heigham and return the boats before departing on the coach to see the seals. It’s been so much fun and we all feel like Buccaneering Pirates! Aaarrrrgghhhh!!

– Craig




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