Esoc Buccaneer 2019 - 3rd Update

Esoc Buccaneer 2019 – 3rd Update

Dear Parents,

So today we woke up in a beautiful place called Salhouse Broad. We were greeted with a murky start but it soon cleared to be a sunny day with a good breeze ready for some more sailing!

After breakfast, some of us enjoyed a great morning of sail training, learning to tack and sail upwind. The rest of us headed to Wroxham Broad where someone called Roy seems to own every shop. We went with our shopping lists and our budget to re supply with food stocks for the next day.

In the afternoon we swapped groups so we all had an opportunity to see Roy’s empire and of course, learnt loads from sailing! Tonight we’re looking forward to our first, judged, Come Dine with me evening meal and also an awesome game of Crystal Skull. Then tomorrow we’re really looking forward to the Buccaneer Barter, a huge treasure hunt taking place all across the Broad. Hopefully we have good weather for it as it has been so far!

– Craig




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"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." 


Sir Ranulph Fiennes