6 Reasons Why We Love Swedish Canoe Camp

6 Reasons Why We Love Swedish Canoe Camp

The summertime in Sweden is marked by long days filled with outdoor pursuits. Thanks to the ‘Right to Roam’ law which grants access to any outdoor land for the purposes of walks and exploration, the majority of Swedes and their visitors spend as much time as possible outside. Favourite summer pursuits include bushcraft, lake swimming, fishing, foraging, camping and water sports. We’ve been going on adventures to Sweden for a few years, so much so we can list 6 reasons why we love Swedish canoe camp and discover new adventures every time!

On Saturday 13th July we will be heading to a breathtaking natural setting of Swedish Dasland Nordmarken. The following 7 days will be packed with canoeing on one of the most popular lake systems in Europe. We will also learn a variety of bushcraft and survival skills which you can put to the test in a 24-hour Survival Exercise on a penultimate day. We will be returning back to the UK on Saturday 20th July.

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“Thank you very much for the canoeing trip to Sweden. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot of new skills. I had never slept in a hammock before and I really enjoyed the new experience. I hope you are able to arrange more trips like this in the future.”

Team Spirit

During the trip, you will be working in small teams called Fires, each supervised by a skilled ESOC leader. The members of each Fire cook, shop and paddle together but you will hang out with the other Fires too!

Shelter Building

On the first couple of nights, we will stay at the camping base whilst we prepare for the expedition. Afterwards, you will learn how to build a tarp shelter with a hammock inside, selecting the best vantage point for a late night stargazing or early morning sunrise.


Journeying in an aluminium 2-3 person canoe around Swedish islands, softly paddling and exploring the stunning natural harbours – you’ll learn canoe skills every day! When the wind conditions are right, there will be a chance to join canoes together, hoist up an improvised sail and enjoy some impromptu ‘sailing’.

Natural cordage

Cordage is considered by some as one of the most important skills in a survival situation. It is very versatile: you can build snares, use it for a bow in a bow drill to light a fire, even as a fishing line or shelter building material. You’ll be able to learn and perfect this bushcraft skill.

Knife, Saw and Axe Safety

Essential for any outdoor pursuit, observing a correct way of using a knife, saw and axe can make a difference between a pleasant evening with a campfire and a cold, miserable and dark one. We will show you how and let you have plenty of practice runs to get the technique right.

24 Hour Survival Exercise

If you’d like to test your newly acquired skills and general resilience take part in an exciting and adventurous game. A 24-hour survival exercise will be held for all who’d like to join! In the effort to keep the exercise as authentic as possible we won’t be disclosing more details but we can guarantee it will be memorable and we are very much looking forward to it.

“Jonny loved the Kayak trip to Sweden last month – so much so that he and the rest of the group, plus a few additions, are proposing that they do some kind of expedition next year, immediately after GCSEs. I believe they are thinking of something water-based again.”

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Following our fantastic experience with running this trip with families last summer, we are looking forward to taking pupils in yr9 and above for this year’s Swedish Canoe adventure. There is so much exploring one can do in the week, don’t miss out as this trip tends to book up fast!




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