5 Amazing Sailing Skills You Learn On A Family Flotilla Adventure In Croatia

5 Amazing Sailing Skills You Learn On A Family Flotilla Adventure In Croatia

On the 20-27th July this summer, we are offering your family the unique opportunity to discover Croatia, a world-famous sailing destination. The stunning islands of Dalmatian coast, charming harbours, warm weather and steady breezes make Croatia an ideal sailing ground for new buccaneers and seasoned adventurers alike.

Getting used to life on the water, shopping in local markets for provisions (or fishing for them!), and planning our course around the coast will provide unforgettable challenges and experiences for young and old. Your family will get plenty of adventure time together but also lots of relaxing and exploring, making this a wonderful memorable holiday.

In one week, you’ll acquire so many valuable skills. Here are 5 amazing sailing skills you’ll take home with you.

Helm A Yacht In All Sea Conditions

Our experienced sailing team will show you how to captain your own yacht under both sail and engine. Take the helm, coordinate your crew and set sail into the Croatian sun!

Set And Trim The Sails On A Sailboat

For centuries people travelled the world by sea and the wind was the power! Learn how to set and trim the sails using techniques that would have been used on HMS Victory!

Plot Courses And Navigate

Even though the big boats have got all the tech these days but no captain would ever set sail without the skills to read charts and navigate their way around the globe!

Explore New Destinations

From little harbours to open water cruising, Croatia has it all. We will be sailing to the national park of Krka with its mesmerising turquoise waters and plenty of interesting fauna and flora to discover. Make sure you pack your swimming gear as there will be a chance to take a refreshing dip directly by the waterfalls!

Live Happily Together On A Boat

Seafarers of the past would have spent months at sea so a week should be easy, however not always! Through cooking together, sailing together and playing games you’ll arrive home with great experience of happily coexisting with your crew.

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After 3 years of UK family camps and the success of last year’s Family Canoe Expedition to Sweden, your family now has a unique opportunity to experience Croatia from aboard of a little fleet of yachts. Learning the ropes of sea sailing, navigation, cooking but also playing sea-worthy games and of course, plenty of swimming and sunbathing!

This fantastic trip is open for bookings and the places will go fast. Ensure you book early to avoid missing out!




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