Get your kids outdoors in 2019 and see for yourself the wonderful changes time spent in nature brings out in them.

Expeditions outdoors reduce screen time, improve communication skills and increase happiness! Furthermore, all the new experiences create valuable new memories. Your children will learn new skills such as navigation or bushcrafting and make lots of new friends.

Read below for our unmissable expeditions. We make it easier than ever to get your kids outdoors in 2019!

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Buccaneer Sailing Expedition

8th – 12th April

get your kids outdoors in 2019 boats on Norfolk Broads

Messing around in the boats has never been more fun!

At the start, the kids will learn sailing skills. In addition, they will be sleeping on the boats, cooking and sharing living quarters like a real crew. The sheltered waters of Norfolk Broads provide a stunning natural environment with plenty of wildlife to observe.


May Family Camp

4th – 6th May

get your kids outdoors in 2019 girls in a den

Build a den, get a few friends together and run wild!

Family camp is an ideal opportunity to get your kids outdoors in a safe and familiar setting. Firstly, the kids of a variety of ages can play forest games, learn from their new friends and explore on their own. Furthermore, their confidence will grow, knowing their parents are nearby – ideal for the younger children. Set in the woodland of Wormsley Estate, this is a family camp that is enjoyable for all!


Sweden: Canoe And Bushcraft

13th – 20th July

get your kids outdoors in 2019 camping lakeside in Sweden

The Swedish ‘right to roam’ has been built into their constitution since 1994 – many Swedes enjoy every opportunity they can to get their kids outdoors.

In 2019 we will be taking an epic journey down Lake Stora Le. On this trip we will be picking up bushcrafting skills, canoe skills and certainly enjoy a complete break from any tech that we’ve grown so accustomed to. Moreover, there are ample opportunities for stargazing, foraging for wild berries but also for quiet time absorbing the breathtaking Swedish nature.


Summer Medieval Camps


get your kids outdoors in 2019 girl with a horse

Our summer camps challenge any preconceptions of summer camps for kids.

The 2019 summer camps are all set to get your kids outdoors, make new friends (even of the four-legged kind!) and above all experience a summer they won’t forget. The kids will learn how to camp in the woodlands next to the river Rother, just a few miles away from the famous Bodiam Castle. Alongside refreshing swims and water games, your kids will also learn basket weaving, clay pot making or pick up the basics of falconry! Furthermore, we will teach them about starting a fire for outdoor cooking and preparing their own meals. They will be looking forward to the evenings spent around a campfire, with hot cocoa and marshmallows, catching up on the events of the day.


Family Flotilla: Croatia 2019

20th – 27th July

get your kids outdoors in 2019 family on a sailing boat

Get your kids outdoors to the world famous sailing destination: Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

We have more than 3 years experience of UK family camps. Following on from the success of last year’s Family Canoe Expedition to Sweden, in 2019 we’re bringing the Croatia sailing trip to the families.  Your family has now a unique opportunity to experience Croatia from aboard of a little fleet of yachts. Learning the ropes of sea sailing, navigation, cooking but also playing sea-worthy games and of course, plenty of swimming and sunbathing!


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At the Exploration Society, we are keen to get your kids outdoors in 2019. The fantastic outdoor setting will ensure they have a great time adventuring and exploring. There is a never-ending enjoyment your kids get from spending time outdoors – they run with their imagination, jump and play, learn and observe. The list of benefits goes on and on! Book a place on our expeditions for an unforgettable 2019 outdoors adventure.




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