Young leaders review

Chilly weather didn’t stop us from hitting slopes early this morning. Having had our breakfast the different groups split for their early morning lessons. Right away it was clear it was going to be a challenge. Icy slopes and thick fog made it hard to see and stay upright. Several tumbles later it was time for lunch, after a successful morning and the beginners first red slope. Instead of lugging our skis back inside we left them on the slopes and came back to the hotel for farfalle con formaggio. With our skis back on after lunch and the fog cleared, we had beautiful views over the resort. Now the skiing was much more enjoyable and we tackled even more runs. The more experienced skiers went further afield to Artesina. After our four hours of lessons were done almost everyone was keen to continue skiing. Unfortunately the ski lifts were closing and dinner was on the way so we had to head back in. Next we enjoyed some time to do whatever we wanted, some of us went to the pool, but most went to continue their snowball fight. Numb from the cold everyone came in for dinner, there was a lot of cheering when they found out it was pizza for tea. We’re excited for the next few days and to continue skiing! Young leaders out.




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"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." 


Sir Ranulph Fiennes