FHS Yr 8 - Buccaneer 1st Update

FHS Yr 8 – Buccaneer 1st Update

Scant signal on the Norfolk Broads, but all going well with sailing on Malthouse Broad and clear blue sky! First round of Come Dine With Me tonight….   More to follow when signal allows.   – Chris

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FHS Yr 7 Sherpa 2015 1st Update

The girls arrived to find they are staying in paradise! Bright sunshine and blue skies. After saying hello to the ponies and moving into their cottages they immediately rushed to the pool.  Dinner was a big success although there was more success in some places than others. After a night walk where we saw horses […]

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FHS Yr 9 Smuggler 2015 1st Update

The girls have settled in well to the woodland campsite, which they will call home for the week. It’s a lovely spot surrounded by trees one side and the sea on the other. We also have a tiny natural lake, which the girls have just enjoyed a cool dip in.   Our haybale circle is […]

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Girls by the Campfire

FHS Yr 11 Camping Trip 2015

Lovely weather accompanied us for the two days we would spend in our woodland campsite. The sun was shining and so were the girls. After a walk in from the train station through meadows and over streams the girls wanted to head straight to the lake for a swim. Happy shouts were heard drifting through […]

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St Philips Final Update 2015

Our last full day on camp involved some swimming in our woodland lake, which is also home to some very interesting wildlife. The boys were fascinated and very respectful of what wildlife the instructors found too. The number of boys camped out in the woods under tarps also increased so by the last night we […]

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St Philips 2nd Update 2015

Second day the group split into 3 sections to do a carousel of activities. We covered safe handling of a bushcraft knife, camouflage and concealment along with fire lighting. All three of these skill lessons came in handy in cooking dinner as well as in the night game. The night game was an epic late […]

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Kids Bushcraft Expedition

St Philip’s 1st Update 2015

The group travelled with a polite and confident stride to Victoria and then on to Cowden. From there we ditched our luggage and headed cross-country towards our woodland campsite. Upon arriving we explored the area and discussed the boundaries to which our group must stay within. Tents were pitched and dinner was cooked.   After […]

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Extreme Survival Course 2015

The first week of June I took off to the Scottish Highlands to put my bushcraft skills to the test as well as study for the NCFE Bushcraft Level 2 and 3. The group met in Dalwhinnie, one of the coldest towns in Scotland, for the initial brief before we started our walk in. The […]

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Hill House Yr 8 Camp 2015

Day 1 All of the boys managed the hike into camp with no problems and soon manage to get their tents up and the fire lit. We chose a sheltered part of the wood to protect us from the worst of the weather due tonight. Pasta for dinner went down very well, as did the […]

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GEMS Hampshire Yr 6 2015

The group have all arrived on the island safe and well, crossing the causeway once the tide had gone out. They made their way to Harbour Wood Campsite and were very excited to explore their new home by the sea and keen to put up their tents and settle in. Tonight they enjoyed a pasta […]

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