May Adventure Days 2015
Camouflage game on Woodland Adventure Camp

May Adventure Days 2015

 Another action packed week of half term activities for kids this May Half Term. We kicked off the week with outdoor laser tag, involving many different round-based games such as protect the VIP, team vs team and the ever popular kids vs instructors for the grand finale.


In the armoury about to get tooled up!

We then moved to sailing and climbing on the Tuesday. Groups climbed high and all over then headed to the water for some sailing training, tacking this way and that!


Fun and games

Wednesday was mountain biking around Richmond Park, cycling around the hills and spotting deer’s between the trees.


One of our stealth games. The spotters try to spot the sniper!

Thursday we headed to Wimbledon Common to practise some bushcraft, play some stealth games and carve a tent peg. This day was finished off by a grand game of Capture The Flag.


Great concentration, sat in the sun carving is very rewarding.

Friday saw us return to sailing and high ropes to further better our skills.


Fire using natural materials only. Lots of teamwork and determination needed. Very tense scene just before the ball of tinder catches light! Well done team!

Forest School Adventure Days

Alongside our Adventure Days we ran a Forest School programme for the younger ones. We made tiny sailing boats and raced them down little streams, went on bug hunts, made heads out of grass and discovered how plants grow alongside much more.





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