GEMS Yr5 Bushman 2015 1st Update

GEMS Yr5 Bushman 2015 1st Update

Day 2

Four Seasons in one day!

After a lovely sunny morning where the groups enjoyed workshops on canoeing, fire lighting and camouflage.


Stealthy sneaking action in our camo and concealment games.

The rain set in forcing us to take shelter in our nice warm dry tents.  During a break in the weather the kids did a fantastic job of getting their fires going with wet wood and cooked delicious home made burgers.


A bit of rain does not dampen our smiles!

Everyone will be settling down for the night soon, climbing into a nice warm sleeping bag with a mug of hot chocolate and looking forward to better weather tomorrow.


Being able to function and be happy in all weathers is part of being resilient. This is at the core of The Exploration Society’s Ethos. It even has its own rewards once the rain has gone!

Morning on Day 3

The camp awoke to blue skies, birds singing and the forest all around them. After breakfast of chocolate porridge, cereal, fruit and bacon sandwiches we cracked on with a rotation of three activities.


Morning smiles on camp.

We learnt about the local flora on a nature walk, the group learning 20 trees and plants with their uses and distinguishing features.


Free play is scheduled in to our camps, some of the group decided to make a shelter in the woods.

Knife use and safety was covered in a second workshop, the group learnt how to hold a knife correctly and use it efficiently.  Great focus is required when working with knives and it was very satisfying to see the groups working hard at being precise with the knife. This allowed some of the individuals later on to use knives without the need for a glove on the opposite hand as they had demonstrated great and careful use before.


Rafted up on the lake.

Canoeing in the lake with forest and bluebells all around was the third activity base, groups had to collect as many colour balls as possible all the time mastering canoe strokes and steering.


Knife work is about learning responsibility as much as its about learning cutting technique. Once we feel a student has demonstrated control and independence over a knife we allow them to be used without a glove.

With the challenging weather behind us the group laughed off the slight drizzle after lunch and we were straight back to the activities.


Classic camp fire action.

Before dinner will be cooked the group has to first collect and prepare some skewers for their vegetable and meat kebabs. The challenge is now to light the fire using only a fire steel and natural material.





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"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." 


Sir Ranulph Fiennes