Pokhara, Nepal - 1st Report

Pokhara, Nepal – 1st Report

The CAIRN trekkers are enjoying a beautifully sunny afternoon exploring the lakeside area of Pokhara whilst we make final preparations before heading to the hills tomorrow. Our six-day expedition takes us through lush valleys and mountain passes, our route links all of the schools supported by the CAIRN trust. As always, the journey thus far […]

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Training for Buccaneer

We have been getting ready for our fast approaching Buccaneer Sailing trip in the Norfolk Broads by learning a selection of essential skills. From cooking and sailing to even hunting for treasure! These took place over three separate days. Being able to prepare a meal is a vital skill for every explorer and one we […]

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Tapping Silver Birch – Spring Bushcraft

Spring is one of the most rewarding times of year with the natural renewal that happens all around us, especially in our woodlands. In early spring its possible to tap a Birch and harvest its slightly sweet sap that runs up inside the trunk to help fuel the growth of buds and new leaves on […]

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