Osea Island Corporate Menu


The Exploration Society can run a variety of activities on Osea Island for adult clients. A menu of the most popular is shown below but please get in touch if you would like us to create something bespoke. An event can be designed using a combination of activities with groups rotating through each session. 

Each session is charged at a basic rate £90/hr + VAT with a minimum booking requirement of 4 session hours. Some sessions incur a supplement shown in the information below and some have maximum group sizes per instructor. To increase the stated maximum group sizes, simply book sessions to run concurrently and we will supply more instructors and equipment

Bespoke Event Form

  • Fire Challenge

    Teams are given two blocks of wood, a knife and a fire steel (which creates sparks). The challenge is to completely burn the block of wood – a lot harder than it sounds! Teams can buy additional clues and equipment in exchange for time penalties. Session Max (with one instructor) - 24 people/hr

  • The Great Egg Race

    Teams are asked to build a mini-cable car capable of transporting an egg down a length of wire. For those that crack it (geddit….), additional specifications are requested in return for higher reward. An Eggszilirating challenge (sorry….) . Session Max (with one instructor) - 24 people/hr

  • Carving/Whittling

    Training in knife skills with the aim of carving simple cooking implements such as spoons, spatulas and butter knives. “Mora” Bushcraft knives, wood blanks and safety gloves supplied. The session is run beneath a large parachute for shelter and sitting around a campfire for warmth if needed. Session max (with one instructor) - 12 people/hr

  • Campfire Cooking

    A session to show how to cook different food over the campfire, such as hot smoked salmon, lamb kebabs, fresh bread, wild rabbit and steamed trout. The exact menu is time dependent and this session incurs a £12/head + VAT supplement which includes wine with lunch. Session Max (with one instructor) - 12 people/hr

  • Laser Battles

    Using the walled garden area the teams are equipped with state of the art laser rifles capable of shooting a beam of Infra Red light over 50m. Direct hits are recorded by head sensors and by the guns themselves. Teams battle it out in a capture the flag type scenario, aiming to inflict the most damage while keeping their own lives intact. This session incurs a one off £25/head + VAT supplement regardless of the booking duration. Session Max (with one instructor) - 12 people/hr.

  • Games Room Mystery

    A trail of clues and puzzles are set up around the Games Room and Cinema area which leads teams able to solve them to the diamond stash. The games master will be on hand to provide assistance to struggling teams (for a penalty) and misdirection for any team that looks too clever. Session Max (with one instructor) - 12 people/hr

  • Target Archery

    Players channel their inner Robin Hoods and compete by shooting for the highest score/most balloons etc. This activity can be run in the “Power House” if the weather is bad or on one of the fields if it is nice. Session Max (with one instructor) - 12 people/hr

  • Island Wide Treasure Hunt

    Treasure hunts are a great activity that can be tailored to suit groups of all types and sizes. They can be simple or fiendishly difficult and take any amount of time from 1 hr to several days. They can involve actors who deliver pieces of the puzzle in character, tracking devices, secret societies, GPS coordinates, and can even take teams off the island and onto the water. Due to flexible and bespoke nature of what we can offer, we can't offer a standard price/head/hr for this activity. However if you are interested in taking part in a treasure hunt on Osea please get in touch and we can discuss themes, budgets and timings.

  • Fire Lighting Workshop

    Training in a variety of fire lighting methods such as fire steels and feather sticks up to and including making fire by friction if time allows. Session Max (with one instructor) - 24 people/hr

  • Kayaking and Canoeing

    Starting from various sites around the island we can provide sessions in both Kayaks and Canoes. These can be focused on fun and games or on skills with the possibility of gaining a BCU 1* certificate. These sessions will depend on tides and are more suited to the summer than the winter! This session incurs a one off £25/head + VAT supplement regardless of the booking duration. Session Max (with one instructor) - 8 people/hr

  • Improvised Rafting

    From a pile of assorted items can you and your team build a raft to take your whole team out to retrieve your ticket off the island? Experienced instructors will be standing by to give hints (or hinderance) as needed and to gather all the parts of your raft when it all gets wet! This session will depend on tides and is more suited to the summer than the winter! This session incurs a one off £15/head + VAT supplement regardless of the booking duration Session Max (with 1 instructor) - 12 people/hr

  • Yacht Sailing

    Starting from the quay we can provide sessions on modern yachts in the river estuary and out to sea. Each boat can take 6 participants and will be crewed by two experienced sailors, including a Yachtmaster. Groups can be onboard for short sessions or go for whole weekend voyages. Maximum session size 24 participants (with 4 boats) Please note: each boat must be rented for a minimum of 2 days at £2695 inc VAT

  • Laser Battle Extreme!

    One of our favourite activities to run (as we get to take part...) this event combines the best in treasure hunting, puzzle solving and laser combat. As well as battling each other, client teams also take on an enemy force bent on their destruction. Fallen enemy combatants can be raided for currency which can then be traded with the QM for weapons upgrades, ammunition supplies, tactical gear such as radios and even maps to secret caches of rations and other useful tools. This event is a complex, demanding and satisfying day ideal for those groups who really want to push themselves. This session incurs a one-off £25/head + VAT supplement regardless of the booking duration. Session Max (with 1 instructor) - 6 people/hr